Alta Vista


Security & Patrols

Alta Vista is a relatively safe neighborhood in a relatively safe area of town.  Crime is low here but crime does happen. Take simple and prudent steps to protect yourself, with suggestions below.  The Association has hired Central Alarm Security to guard and patrol Alta Vista, every day.
If You See a Suspicious Person or Car:
Call 911.  Pima County Sheriff's Department strongly encourages us to report such suspicious people and cars.  Even if you think it's minor or you may be mistaken, the general rule is that if it raises alarms in you then you should call 911.  
If You See a Solicitor:
Call 911.  Alta Vista does not allow door-to-door soliciting.  If a solicitor knocks on your door, or if you see one in the neighborhood, please call 911 to report it.  The Sheriff's Deputy will find and escort the solicitor out of Alta Vista, without arresting them.  Many robbers will pretend to be a solicitor to case out homes to rob.  Sometimes a team of robbers will pose as solicitors.
If You're Going on Vacation:
Have someone pick up your mail, paper, and trash bins.  A house that appears un-lived-in is an invitation to burglary. Even one day's newspaper lying in a driveway is a tell to criminals.
If Crime Happens to You:
Let us Know.  After you've called 911 and reported the crime to the Sheriff's Department, contact the Association and let us know, so that we can alert other neighbors to be on the lookout for this type of crime.  Call us at (520) 623-2324 or email us at
Simple Steps to Protect Yourself from Crime:
  • Use Neighborhood Watch.  A group effort of neighbors watching out for each other is an excellent deterrent of crime.  Neighborhood Watch is a program of Pima County Sheriff's Department, and is not run by the Association. Each street in Alta Vista is responsible for starting and maintaining its own Neighborhood Watch with the Sheriff's Department.  If your street doesn't have one, get one going -- it's not difficult or time-consuming.  We know how to get you started; contact us at
  • Use Your Alarm System.  Many of us grow lax in using the great crime deterrent of our alarm system.  Activate it every time you leave the house empty, and at night.
  • Lock Your Doors - Even While at Home.  The Sheriff's Department recommends that we lock all of our doors when leaving, and while we are at home.  Their experience shows that many break-ins and home invasions happen by criminals walking in the unlocked door, especially during daylight hours.  Some of us dislike the thought of locking doors when at home, but prudence tells us that the days of unlocked doors are past.
  • Park Vehicles in Your Garage.  Theft from Vehicles is a common crime, and happens in Alta Vista. Criminals find it easy to open unlocked car doors or break windows.  Alta Vista rules require us to park all vehicles in the garage anyway.  
  • Answer the Door.  A common prelude to a break-in is a knock at your door. Criminals do this to find out if the house is empty and thus ripe for theft.  Some of us fail to answer the door thinking that the person is a solicitor.  We recommend that you answer your door at all times, even if you don't open the door but speak to them through the door.