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BOD Agendas & Minutes

The Association's Board of Directors is held on the third Monday of the meeting month unless that day is a federal holiday, in which case the Board meets the following day or another date as agreed upon by the Board of Directors. The Association's Owners hold an Annual Meeting, set and hosted each year by the Board, usually on the fourth Monday of January.  All owners are encouraged and invited to attend these open meetings.  The Board meets at 7:00 pm, however, if the ACC Meeting prior to the Board of Directors Meetings ends earlier then the Board of Directors Meeting is subjected to start before 7:00 PM 
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To Dial into the Meeting  Call 1(346)248-7799
Meeting ID: 837 6685 3619
Board Minutes are posted once approved by the Board in an open meeting, and any corrections are made.

Archived BOD Minutes

2016 Meeting Minutes 

2015 Meeting Minutes 

2014 Meeting Minutes         

2013 Meeting Minutes         

2012 Meeting Minutes
Meetings not held in July for lack of quorum

2011 Meeting Minutes    January 2011,  2011 Annual Meeting (January),  February 2011,  March 2011,  April 2011,  May 2011,  August 2011,  September 2011,  October 2011,  November 2011,  December 2011  Meetings not held June or July for lack of quorum

2009 Meeting Minutes   January 2009,  2009 Annual,  February 2009,  March 2009,  April 2009,  May 2009,  

2008 Meeting Minutes   2008 Annual,  February 2008,  April 2008,  August 2008,  September 2008,  
December 2008  Meetings not held January, March, May, June, July, October, or November

2007 Meeting Minutes   January 2007,  February 2007,  March 2007,  April 2007,  August 2007,  September 2007,  
November 2007,  December 2007  Meetings not held May, June, July, or October

2006 Meeting Minutes   July 2006,  November 2006,  Annual Meeting (November)